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California Beach Boy Meets -24 Degrees

Wallace looks so fetching in his winter duds.

If you think Wallace the French bulldog looks a bit entitled, peeved, or both, you are correct. Perhaps the California beach boy is a bit embarrassed about his new wardrobe, but he is going to need it. His private plane is on approach to land in Wyoming where the temperature is -24 F.

Wally hasn't been to Wyoming before. His family has a home there, in Missoula, and in other places, but he has never known temperatures so cold. I was accompanying Wally, his sister, Edna, and their person from California where we had worked to tune up Wally's behavior.

Like French bulldog Big Mac (see the separate post about him), Wally had a habit of bullying other dogs and acting aggressively. He ignored his person when she tried to short-circuit him. Wally had attended my doggie college where he completed the Good Dog socialization course, and I had had worked post-graduation with his person. But she and Wally needed a tune-up, and I was happy when I traveled to their California home to discover that his person could mostly lead him and prevent problems. Now if we can only work on his wardrobe.

He acted so put out when, on approach to the airport, his person dressed him in winter clothes, but when he stepped onto the tarmac and his toes felt the cold, he changed his opinion about his wardrobe. Nowadays when flying home to the Rockies in the winter he practically asks to be dressed.

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