Dog Training for the Real World

A dependable training program that empowers your dog to function as a responsible citizen in the real world


Canine College is booked full until October. Getting on the wait list puts you in line in case or reschedulings or cancellations.

Well-behaved dog = happy owner

Even if your dog seems perfect, training can help him or her sail through life's stresses. Whether your pup is a nervous rescue or a pampered purebred, he or she needs dog training that will help them overcome any issues and thrive in a world of distractions. Our dogs deserve the same quality of education we provide for our two-legged kids. Our resident dog trainer, Jayme Feary, has a reputation for turning out stable, balanced dogs. When you enroll your dog in a Woofers Canine College course, your dog will graduate with a degree in living life well.

Woofers Canine College

Better Behavior Starts Here

Basic Obedience - $800
Residential Course
Two-week Semester

Your dog’s introduction to becoming a better pup, this course will teach your dog basic on-leash life skills, such as “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “come,” and learn to walk nicely while on leash. Dog obedience at this level lays a stable foundation for more difficult tasks in the future.

Advanced Obedience - $800
Residential Course
Two-week Semester

In the Advanced Obedience course, your dog will learn to obey the command “down” while moving, advanced stay, and off-leash work, such as the recall command (“come”) with distractions and heeling. Advanced obedience training is essential if you want a dog that will obey you in any situation.

Good Citizenship & Socialization - $800
Residential Course
Two-week Semester

If you want a well-adjusted dog that you can take anywhere you go, this course will teach your pup to get along with other dogs, new people, and new places.

Introduction to Doggy Daycare - $200
Experiential Course
Training happens during daycare

Best dog socialization training around. Your dog will learn how to interact safely and enjoyably at doggy daycare. You bring Fido to several sessions of Woofers Day Play, and our trainer teaches him or her how to get along and enjoy the experience. The number of sessions depends on how quickly your dog gets comfortable. Day Play charges in addition to training.

Private Sessions - $100/session

If your dog needs one-on-one attention, you can enroll in private, one-on-one training sessions where you and your dog will be the center of attention.

Telephone/Zoom Dog Training - $75/session

When you can’t come to our Sturgis, SD location, we can come to you through the phone or Internet. Whether you just want to learn to teach your dog to sit and stay or train your dog not to pull on his or her leash, distance sessions can help you conquer your dog’s various challenges.

Specialized Dog Training for Behavioral Challenges

We specialize in solving behavior problems such as barking and whining, marking, house training, pulling on the leash, jumping on people, digging, ignoring, and other issues. If your dog needs rehabilitation, it’s always best to call us first to discuss your situation. After our conversation, we’ll schedule a no-cost, in-person evaluation, after which we’ll prescribe a training plan including the cost.

Jayme Feary

Head Trainer

Woofers Canine College


Our trainer, Jayme Feary, has worked with clients coast to coast. He has taught animal shelters how to foster a quiet, calm environment so potential adopters will spend more time perusing animals. In his former community he was a go-to trainer for dogs no one else could help. Members of the legal system would sometimes turn to him as a last resort before deciding to euthanize a dog.

Jayme is known for his practical, real-world techniques and his post-training support for dog owners so they feel empowered to keep their dogs moving forward. Because of his unique approach, he requires owners and their dogs meet with him in person before agreeing to take a dog into training.

Jayme's tight schedule means his training slots are limited, so we always suggest people plan ahead as far as possible.

He is here to help however he can. Give him a call and let him know your needs.

Woofers Canine College


Woofers Canine College Courses* --- $800 per course + $30 /night board (13 nights). Tuition includes 2-3 post-training coaching sessions with owners. Introduction to Doggy Daycare--$200--is taught while your dog participates in several sessions of Day Play (daycare charge additional). 

Private Sessions --- $100 / session

Videoconference Sessions --- $75 / session

Specialized Behavioral Training --- Fee depends on the type of behaviors covered, as well as your dog's age and breed.

Payment Plans

If paying for training all at once is a strain, you may request a monthly payment plan. Talk with us about details.

*Includes training and follow-up coaching

All dogs can learn new tricks.

1. Lots of attention, firm discipline, and lots of love

At Woofers, we focus on positive reinforcement training -- rewarding good behaviors more than disciplining bad ones. We create a comfortable environment for your dog to learn new behaviors and skills without fear.

2. Safe, effective training that turns any dog into an ideal citizen

Effective training relies heavily on the confidence of the owner. Through Woofers training, you will learn how to command good behavior and your dog will learn to obey the first time, every time — in any situation.

3. Communication and coaching that will turn you into a confident pet parent

We don’t just train your dog and turn you loose; our training method educates you to be an effective handler that can handle all kinds of situations, with training tips that work in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the training process work?

Our "semesters" run for two weeks, during which time your dog lives 24/7 with our lead trainer, Jayme Feary, and learns new habits and skills. At the end of the two weeks, your dog "graduates." Then the most important step begins. Once per week for two to three weeks, Jayme coaches you to make sure you get the highest performance possible. Our customers consistently say that this follow-up is the most valuable part of the process and sets our training apart from other dog trainers they’ve encountered.

What types of training do you offer?

We fix problem behaviors and teach your dog obedience, trail manners and skills, good citizenship, and off-leash recall. On occasion, we do specialty training. We teach in a residential (live-in) setting, private one-on-one coaching, and daily sessions. The length of problem-solving training depends on the problem(s). We strongly emphasize post-training follow-up with doggie owners so that you feel empowered to get the most out of your dog's training. This is included in the cost.

What problem behaviors can you fix?

Almost anything. We've helped dog owners fix a wide variety of behavioral problems, including extreme behaviors. This is how we built our business. However, we no longer work on dog or people-aggression cases. We are honest in assessing a dog's training potential, particularly involving problem behaviors. If another trainer would be a better fit, we refer you to that person. Upfront, we make clear that the effort the dog's owner contributes is important because he or she determines whether the dog continues to behave well or regress. Owner follow-up is critical.

How much does training cost?

See our prices (above) for details. Tuition for each standard two-week training semester is $800 plus $30 per night boarding (13 nights). Private one-on-one sessions cost $100 per session.

How important is the owner in your training programs?

You, as a pet parent, are even more important than our training. The dog's person is everything. His or her handling post-training will determine whether the dog continues to perform well or falls back into old habits. We feel so strongly about owner involvement that we make it a prerequisite for accepting a dog into training. A crucial part of our training is the follow-up coaching we provide owners after the dog graduates. See our "Training Prerequisite" blog post for important information about owner involvement in the training process.

Why is there a waitlist for Woofers Dog College?

It's a function of demand. There's usually a wait all year ‘round, but especially in the summer when tourists and second homeowners arrive. Our trainer, Jayme Feary, has a stellar reputation. He works personally and intensively with each dog and does not hand off the training to an assistant. As such, he can only work with a few dogs at a time. Planning ahead and booking in advance will assure you get a slot on his training calendar.