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Sqeaky Clean

From bathing to ear-cleaning for your dog

Get your pup from dirty to clean.

Finding people you trust to care for your pet is rarely easy, but always important. From transportation to essential grooming services, such as dog bathing and ear cleanings, you want to turn to someone you can trust with your Very Important Pup. 

Clean tails are wagging tails.

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Dog Bathing

Sick of the wrestling and mess every time your dog needs a bath? Drop them off at Woofers and our caring, gentle staff will give your dog a spa-like dog or puppy bath that may even make them look forward to bath time.

Dog Ear Cleaning

A dog’s ears are one of the most sensitive areas of their body. Our staff will take the utmost care to clean your pup’s ears with gentle, massage-like strokes and veterinarian-approved dry and wet ear cleaners. Your dog’s ears will be squeaky-clean, and you’ll have a happy dog who will look forward to the next time.

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Dog Nail-clipping

Sick of the wrestling and mess every time your dog needs a bath? Drop them off at Woofers and our caring, gentle staff will give your dog a spa-like dog or puppy bath that may even make them look forward to bath time.

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Grooming Pricing

Light Grooming:



Small < 35 pounds --- $28

             Medium 35-70 pounds --- $32

             Large >70 pounds --- $36

Ears Cleaned:

--- $10

Nails Trimmed:

--- $18

Cat Boarding

Time to pamper your Very Important Pup

1. Lots of love and attention

Our staff will treat your pup as if they were their own.

2. A safe and gentle experience every time

Our team will make your dog feel like he or she is in a relaxing spa.

3. A care team that always stays in touch

We’ll always keep you informed about how your dog is doing.

  • Do you take intact dogs?
    As of 1/1/23 we no longer accept new intact males. Why? Even when an intact unneutered male is friendly, its presence almost always causes other males to act more aggressively, and therefore the risk of altercations and injuries is much higher. Unspayed females may board but may not, because of the chaos they cause, board when in heat.
  • What does a typical day of Day Play look like?
    Day Play is a continuous cycle of play and rest that focuses on much-needed play. For an hour or two, your dogs will play in a group (or groups) with other dogs. Then, they rest for a half-hour or so. That process continues throughout the daylight hours. We allow them to be outdoors throughout the year unless extreme weather arises. When your dog comes home, expect him or her to be happy – and tired, both mentally and physically. After arriving back home, your dog will probably drink quite a bit. Many dogs enjoy playing so much that they forget to drink water, even though we make fresh water available at all times to our four-footed guests. To see pictures of our state-of-the-art play yards, check out our facility photos.
  • What about dogs that are not well-socialized?
    Daycare may seem like a great place to socialize a dog, but Including an undersocialized dog or one that does not get along in a group is, because of potential altercations, a safety risk for that dog and the others. Any dog who participates in our Day Play must already get along well in a large group. We are willing to try any dog that is under-socialized, but if it shows signs of distress, anxiety, or aggression, we will pull it from Day Play and suggest it receive training and experience in preparation. We offer a simple training course, "Introduction to Doggie Daycare," which teaches dogs to get along safely at our place. See the training page for more info.
  • Do you organize different playgroups based on age, size, or energy level?"
    Playgroup organization depends on the dogs we are caring for. Generally, most dogs play in one group, but sometimes we organize a small group for older, small, or shy dogs.
  • Will my dog get dirty or muddy during Day Play?
    Dogs love to roll and roughhouse, so--yes--yours might come home with dirt or mud on their coat, especially after rain or wet snow – or if it’s so dry that there’s lots of dust. We always allow our guests to play outdoors when the weather permits. We brush and spritz each dog before it leaves, but if you'd like your dog to arrive home super clean, you can have us bathe him or her before departure.
  • Are all dogs day play dogs vaccinated?
    Yes. Before booking, we confirm that all dogs planning to attend day care are up to date on Bordatella/Kennel Cough (within last six months), Distemper/Parvo, Rabies and flea/tick/lice prevention. Despite this, dogs in any group environment can transmit various diseases and parasites, but strong vaccination requirements reduce this risk.
  • Do you manage the behavior of the group?
    Yes. One of the advantages of our Day Play versus others' daycare is our behavioral supervision. Our priorities are (in order of importance): safety, quiet, and fun. Because our in-house trainer is highly experienced with behavioral issues, he trains our handlers to minimize the risk of disagreements, altercations, and injuries. They can and will happen, of course, but at Woofers they are rare because of how we actively manage the pack.
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