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Work with animals for a living.
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We are always looking for top dogs.

  • Are you interested in working with animals?

  • Would you like a job that pays a competitive wage or salary plus a percentage of the profits?

  • Are you someone who wants more than a job, who wants the opportunity to advance and have a career?

Woofers Pet Resort is thriving for one reason: We go above and beyond for our guests and customers. We are always on the lookout for top performers, employees who love both people and animals and can deliver exceptional customer service. We hire employees who want to go somewhere in life, who are not satisfied living the rest of their lives working the same old entry-level jobs for the same pay as every other mediocre employee out there. If you love animals and people, are a motivated high-performer, and have high character, you may have come to the right place.

Here, a person can work an hourly job through which they gain valuable experience and skill that serves as a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities at another company. Or climb within our company to become a supervisor or manager. Who knows, maybe you could your own Woofers one day. (One of our former employees owns our original Woofers.) If you are interested in helping us succeed, we are interested in helping you succeed.

If you are a serial job-hopper, lazy, unreliable, dishonest, or do not work well with others, you will not do well here. We are looking for the best, not perfect people (none of us are) but those who are more motivated than average and who have dreams and ambitions.

Here are the types of jobs for which we hire. Some are entry level and others are through internal promotion after having proven your value.

Entry Level:

  • Dog Handling -- Supervising dog play groups, walking dogs in and out of the building, bringing dogs to and from customers' cars; cleaning rooms; feeding; dishes, etc.

  • Cleaning -- Cleaning rooms, floors, furniture, fixtures, crates, etc. Keeping Woofers the cleanest dog facility in the area.

  • Customer Service -- Making reservations; serving customers in person and on the phone; emailing; checking dogs in and out; taking payment; using our computer system; various cleaning; etc


  • Shift Supervision -- Working the customer service job and also supervising all staff during your shift and making sure everything in the operation is getting done and to our standards. Some employee supervision.


  • General Management -- Managing an entire facility from recruitment and hiring, daily operations, cleanliness, etc. Works in the business but also manages it for the owners.

If you are the type of person we've described and would like to know more, we'd love to visit with you. You may contact:

Erin Dower

(605) 720-1364 (Northern Hills location - Sturgis)

Jayme Feary

(605) 416-2955 (Rapid City location - Black Hawk)

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