VIP Pet Care for Your Very Important Pups

From bathing to transportation, convenient pet care services for your dog

Get your pup from dirty to clean.

Finding people you trust to care for your pet is rarely easy, but always important. From transportation to essential grooming services, such as dog bathing and ear cleanings, you want to turn to someone you can trust with your Very Important Pup. 

Clean tails are happy tails.

1. Dog Ear Cleaning

A dog’s ears are one of the most sensitive areas of their body. Our staff will take the utmost care to clean your pup’s ears with gentle, massage-like strokes and veterinarian-approved dry and wet ear cleaners. Your dog’s ears will be squeaky-clean, and you’ll have a happy dog who will look forward to the next time.

2. Dog Bathing

Sick of the wrestling and mess every time your dog needs a bath? Drop them off at Woofers and our caring, gentle staff will give your dog a spa-like dog or puppy bath that may even make them look forward to bath time.

VIP Pet Care Pricing


             Small < 35 pounds --- $17

             Medium 35-70 pounds --- $21

             Large >70 pounds --- $24

Ears Cleaned --- $7

Time to pamper your Very Important Pup

1. Lots of love and attention

Our staff will treat your pup as if they were their own.

2. A safe and gentle experience every time

Our team will make your dog feel like he or she is in a relaxing spa.

3. A care team that always stays in touch

We’ll always keep you informed about how your dog is doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Woofers groom dogs?

We can bathe your dog and also clean his/her ears. We are not professional groomers, so our baths are basic and similar to what you'd give at home, minus the mess and pain in your lower back. We refer professional grooming to Tiffany Smith, the founder of Dogwood Lodge, who now runs her own grooming business. Visit her website here.

Can you have my dog bathed at pickup from boarding or daycare?

Absolutely. We can also trim his or her nails and clean his or her ears.

What are the vaccination requirements?

Every animal stepping foot into our building must be current on: - Bordatella/Kennel Cough (within last six months) - Distemper/Parvo - Rabies - Flea/tick/lice prevention.