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83rd Sturgis Motorcycle

Beginning 2024, during the rally Woofers will be open for local customers only.

Welcome to the 2023 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!

Woofers Pet Resort is the closest pet boarding and daycare business to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Our customers tend to the type of people who are willing to pay a bit more for the best possible care, service, and convenience. Our beautiful 1.14-acre facility is inside the Sturgis city limits only .7 miles from I-90. We are here to take incredible care of your pets so you can enjoy the rally.

We are a first-come business, so registering and reserving dates early is important. 

Remember: No reservation is confirmed until a customer has:

1. Provided us the basic info about his or her animals,

2. Signed our customer agreement,

3. Filed a credit card number with us,

4. Sent us verification of animal vaccinations, and

5. Paid a 50% deposit.

Until these items are complete, your request for services is not a reservation on our books. When you've given us all the necessary info, we will add you to our calendar, lock in your space, and send a confirmation email.

The registration and booking process is pretty quick and easy and may be done here on our website by cling the "Book Now" paw print on the home page. If you are having trouble, call and we can help.

Demand Is Higher During Rally

Demand always exceeds capacity. We encourage you to register and submit a reservation request a.s.a.p. We maintain a wait list in the case of cancellations. (There are always cancellations.)

Prices Are Higher During Rally:

Like most hotel-type businesses around the world, our rates are higher during periods of high demand such as holidays and the motorcycle rally. During the rally our costs are significantly higher mainly because we must hire extra staff during a period when employees are scarce. We do not defray these extra costs by overstuffing our building beyond its capacity. Instead, we take no more than normal so we can maintain our level of care and service. We understand cost is the primary concern for some boarders. If that's the case we can refer you to a cheaper place that may better fit your needs.

No Price Increase for 2023

August 1-3, 2023 (Rally Pre-week)

     Economy Room - $46/night

     Suite - $58/night

     Penthouse - $70/night

     Cat condo - $26/night

     Dog daycare - $34/day ($15/day for boarding dogs)

August 4-13, 2023 (Rally)

     Economy Room - $54/night

     Suite - $68/night 

     Penthouse - $82/night

     Cat condo - $31/night 

     Dog daycare - $40/day ($19/day for boarding dogs)

Deposits & Payment:

At booking we require a 50% nonrefundable deposit. The balance of the bill is due at checkout.


Once you have set up an account through our website and submitted a reservation request, you can click on the "Estimate" tab to get a cost estimate. Remember: If you change your reservation, your bill will change.

Shortened Reservations and Cancellations: 

Prior to July 1, reservations may be cancelled with only the loss of your 50% deposit. After July 1. cancellations after that will cause the reservation, including all services reserved, to be charged in full. If you shorten your reservation after July 1, we must charge you for your full reservation including all services reserved. If during the rally you decide to go home early, we must also charge you for your full reservation. Stays may be extended anytime if space is available.

Vaccination Requirements Are Same Year-round:

Our requirements for the rally are the same as for the rest of the year. Our online registration system will prompt you for everything we need including need some basic information about you and your animal(s), a signed customer agreement, a credit card number, and vaccination records indicating your pets are current on: 1. rabies, 2. parvo/distemper, and bordatella (kennel cough). IMPORTANT: We require that the bordatella vaccine be no more than six months old on the date of check-in.

All daycare and boarding dogs must get along well in a group of 15 or so dogs. For the dogs' safety, this is imperative during the rally when dogs from everywhere meet and mingle. If a dog is clearly dog aggressive and a danger to others, we'll have to send it home. We accept unspayed females but not intact males.

Health Requirements:

1. Rabies,

2. Parvo/distemper

3. Bordatella (kennel cough)*

4. Flea/tick/lice prevention.

*The bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine must have been given within six months of the first day of you animals' stay. This means you may have to update this vaccination record before arrival.


We look forward to giving you and your pets great service and care and we hope you will have a great time in Sturgis. If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know.

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