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Dangerous T-beau's Last Chance


"Red zone case."

This is the label we place on the most dangerous dogs, those that aggressively attack dogs and/or people. T-beau, a Belgian malonois mix, was taken from his owner by the courts for attacking numerous persons, including children, most of whom he bit above the waist. Red zone case.

Most shelters, for good reason, would've euthanized T-beau, but the Jackson/Teton County, Wyoming Animal Shelter goes the extra mile to give every bad dog the chance to be good. When I first looked at T-beau, he leaped in the air and flung himself against the kennel gate. Red zone. His first instinct was to attack, leap, and bite. Red zone.

I'm confident that most dogs can be rehabilitated, but T-beau gave me doubts. I had no way of knowing what it'd take to help him, and how through the difficult journey he'd worm his way into my heart and become one of my all-time favorite dogs. I still kick myself for not adopting him.

You won't believe what happened. Check back soon to read a story or renewal, disappointment, and hope.


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