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Scary Dog Meets The Woman in the Blue Dress

Buff and the Woman in the Blue Dress

Look at this boy, "Buff." Is his the face of a lover or a fighter? Buff had been surrendered to the animal shelter. Though he adored people, because of his looks, when I walked him in public people would move to the other side of the sidewalk. Visitors to the dog park would leave. But Buff was one of the most loving dogs I've met, and all he wanted was to love on people and play with other dogs. Look into his eyes and see if you think that is true.

But no one wanted much to do with him. Until one night when staff at the animal shelter took him to a local pet fundraiser dinner. That night he met the woman in the blue dress.

He loved her instantly, and she him, but the woman wasn't in a position to adopt him. But her accompanying him around that evening made people less wary of him, and several people interacted with him and saw his loving nature.

No one adopted him that night, but something had shifted for him and a couple of people expressed interest. Soon he found a family all his own.

Buff taught me yet again that a dog's--and a person's--appearance often gives the wrong impression. We all deserve a chance to show who we are.

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